DNB Trade Investment Game




The DNB Trade Investment Game is a real-time stock market simulation that allows players to manage a portfolio worth 100 000 EUR by making virtual investments on stock exchanges with real quotes.

You can find the detailed descriptions at www.invest-game.com.

The DNB Trade Investment Game provides an opportunity to apply the knowledge of Economics and Finance in practice, as well as to win valuable prizes amounting to EUR 1800 and adds a notable entry in your CV for a fast-track career in finance.

The registration is open until March 27, 2017



The competition consists of two rounds. The 1st Round starts at 23:59 on March 27and ends at 23:59 on April 23. The Final Round starts at 23:59 on April 24 and ends at 23:59 on May 28. Investment Game officially starts on March 27, 2016, however, all the registered players get a chance to try out the platform and get acquainted with it before the official start of the game. All the accounts will be reset right before the start of the game. One can choose to trade via the DNB Web Platform, DNB Mobile Platform or download the DNB Desktop Platform at www.invest-game.com