Master's Program in Education Administration

Program Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Natela Doghonadze

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Program Description
The term “knowledge society”, which the academic Peter Drucker used for the first time in 1969, came into its own in the 1990s, and has maintained its importance since then. The World Summit on the Information Society (Geneva, 10–12 December 2003) is one of the first international official documents emphasizing the main value that people today can possess – their knowledge and skills. 
A knowledge-based society refers to the type of society that is needed to compete and succeed in the changing economic and political dynamics of the modern world. It refers to societies that are well educated, and who therefore rely on the knowledge of their citizens to drive the innovation, entrepreneurship and dynamism of that society’s economy.
To become a successful business person, programmer, lawyer, doctor, etc., a person must receive a high-quality education, corresponding to up-to-date-standards. This is impossible without good teachers and education administrators, without research and innovations in education. This is why MA programs in Education are crucial in the system of Higher Education.  
An educator’s work is time-consuming, nervous, morally and legally responsible, requires a deep and wide multidisciplinary knowledge. On the other hand, it is, softly speaking, not among the best-paid jobs. However, it has other, not less important intangible rewards: satisfaction for the contribution the educator makes to individual students’ success and to the progress in his/her country, all over the world. It gives the educator more students’ love and respect than any other profession can.
Program Advantages
The program has been developed as result of international TEMPUS project MAHATMA 530311-TEMPUS-1 2012-1-AM-TEMPUS-JPCR (2012-4000/001-001) – Master in Higher Education Management
Developing leaders for managing educational transformation. Thus, international specialists contributed a lot to the fact that the program meets the international standards. It is a very contemporary program, with newest educational resources, up-to-date curricula, syllabi, and teaching methods taught by very qualified staff specially trained within the above-mentioned project.  
Student Exchange
According to Agreements with IBSU partner universities students have an opportunity to participate in various international exchange programs.
Career Opportunities
Administrative personnel in the field of higher education. Also, can continue studies on the doctorate level.
Employability skills
Knowledge of education sphere and its administration, as well as professional / academic English, ability to make up and assess curricula and syllabi, ability to write projects and do research in higher education administration.
Admission to the Program 
A Person is Admitted to the Program if:
  • He/she holds a B.A or its equivalent diploma
  • Passes A Type test of  Unified National Exams for Masters (for Georgian citizens)
  • Passes the university internal exams in specialty and English language
    • Those candidates who have international English language certificate equivalent to B2 level (TOEFL IBT, IELTS and FCE) are not required to take the exam in English language, if according to the program admission requirements English language is considered as a foreign language.
    • Those candidates who have graduated from educational program (instruction language – English) during last three years and their GPA is at least 75 (out of 100) or 3(out of 4), are free from passing English language examination.
Admission of International Students:
Language of Instruction: English 
Programme Duration: 2 years (120 ECTS)
Awarded Qualification: Master of Education in Education Administration
Tuition Fee for Georgian Citizens: 3540 GEL
Tuition Fee for International Students: 3000 USD
  • -20% A master’s student, who will register at IBSU between 26 August - 10 September 2019.
  • -15% Siblings;
For detailed Information please contact:
Phone: (+995 32) 2595005/06/07 (323)
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