PhD in American Studies


Program Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Tamar Shioshvili

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Why this program?
American Studies is a multidisciplinary academic doctoral program designed to explore the U.S. from different angles through concentration on issues from: American 20th century American Literature, International Organizations & Future Role of North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Multicultural Studies in the U.S. In Georgia this is the only American Studies program where courses are conducted in English and dissertation is written and defended in English.
The civil rights movement of 60s in the U.S, Vietnam War, Women’s Rights movement causing cultural tension of Americans caused changes in American Studies field, which violated the disciplinary borders and gave way to multidisciplinary and simultaneously interdisciplinary program. Therefore, the American Studies program at IBSU is multidisciplinary and simultaneously interdisciplinary.
Programme Advantages
The doctoral program’s curriculum should engage students in a deeper and more thorough examination of fundamental concepts, discussed at B.A. & M.A. levels, describing different aspects of American life, and better understand the development of superpower. The program is designed for students who intend to process theoretical material concerning the past and present of American Culture and conduct serious research in the professional sphere.  The multidisciplinary courses will serve as opportunity for dissertation topic selection. 
Doctoral program, distinguished by consistent interaction between a student and supervisor, and regulated structure of rigid schedule feedback on student progress will help students to complete degrees within reasonable time frames.
Career Opportunities: University lecturer, Diplomatic arena including embassies and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, American organizations and NGO-s, scientific centres, publishing houses, libraries, specialist of English, interpreter.
Admission to the Programme 
A person is admitted to the programme if
  • Information about education and practical experience of the applicant (CV);
  • The applicant possesses a Master’s degree; 
  • If s/he passes the university internal exam in English language equivalent to C1 level
  • If s/he Submits and gets positive assessment for PhD dissertation proposal by a commission.
  • If her/his interview based on the proposal will be assed positively. 
Candidates are freed from English language exam if
  • Those candidates who have international English language certificate equivalent to C1 level are not required to take the exam in English language.
Admission of International Students due to the link 
Language of Instruction: English
Degree awarded: Doctor of American Studies
Duration and Credits: 3 years 180 ECTS 
Tuition fee for Georgian citizens: 3540 GEL
Tuition fee for international students: 2500 USD
  • -15% Siblings;
Contact: Prof. Dr. Tamar Shioshvili
Phone: (+995 32) 2 59 50 05/06/07 internal: 145
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.